Tips on How to Use an Elliptical Properly

It has become so obvious that elliptical machines are now the most over-used gym items in keeping fit. It is not only used or work well for those who are overweight and wish to keep to a particular shape, but also to those who suffer knee or joint injuries. If you have chosen to keep fit and wish to enroll yourself into a cardiovascular program, elliptical machines are something worth considering. Its benefit can never be overemphasized.

One major concern when it comes to using elliptical machines is how to use them correctly.

Steps on How to Use Elliptical Machines Properly

1. Facing the monitor while on the machine

You need to be as much careful as you can before stepping onto the machine. While the pedals are on move, you can easily lose your balance. Grab the handlebars immediately you step on it. It will help you gain balance.

2. Start pedaling to turn it on

In a situation where the start button for the machine is not working, an alternative will be to take some time to pedal it after which the power is going to turn up.

3. While on motion, your knees should be lined up with your hips

Your knees should avoid swinging side to side or fall towards each other. In the course of the exercise, some people allow this to occur which is quite unsafe. This can cause damages to the body such as pains in your ankle, spine and hips.

4. Free your knees

The knees should be kept slightly bent while straightening the legs on each stroke. You must have known that this is partially similar while riding bicycle, the only difference here is that, it makes no move even while you are pedaling.

5. Remember to turn up the resistance

You need not to be too fast while riding an elliptical machine. That way, there is a lot to get from the whole process. Keeping the resistance turned up will make the pedals some kind of stiff which will make you push harder and give you a work to do.

6. Pedal backward

The exercise need not to be done only forward. There are muscles that only going forward tends not to keep them fit but can only get its complete fitness through pedaling backward, such as hamstring and glutes. This also helps a lot in add variety to your workout routine. You need to be careful while working-out with backward because it can be hard on your knees while pedaling and it is not advisable to those who have injuries.

7. Make use of swing arms

Elliptical machines do not only make use of swing legs, there are also moveable swing arms which are fixed. This swing arms help you to work out more on your body fully.

8. Avoid doing the same workout everyday

It may be effective doing the same workout everyday if only you are a beginner, but for someone who has been established in the routine, it is not. Your routine should be changed as you progress. This will make your workout more effective and interesting.

9. Focus and avoid distractions

You need to avoid all sorts of distractions while working-out. Though watching TV or engaging yourself in reading may be harmless, but I believe you have a purpose of being in the gym which is to get the best out of your workout. Keep focused and enjoy the awareness on your body.

Having now known how to use the elliptical machine properly, I urge you to get started in keeping that body of yours fit and attractive. Plus the fun you get using elliptical machines to work out is quite exceptional especially when you do it out of passion and love.

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