How Long Should an Elliptical Workout Be?

It is common knowledge that exercise is a key element when it comes to healthy living. There are many options available to anyone who wants to maintain an active lifestyle. The elliptical machine is an excellent way to stay in shape. With this machine however, many people do not know the proper length of time required to get the effects they desire. In general, a weekly goal of 150 minutes is great for establishing a good cardio routine, as well as to burn fat and strengthen muscles. For anyone who would like to fine tune their routine, there are a few other factors to consider. Depending on a person’s skill level and what their workout goals are, the timing may vary. Here are a few different types of settings that can be used on an elliptical, and how long those workouts should be.

Interval Workouts

A high intensity workout using the short interval mode on the machine is a great way to get an effective workout in a shorter amount of time. This type of routine will take about 30 minutes. After a three minute warm up, the resistance will increase and decrease at different points. For every high resistance interval there will be an equal time span for an easy one. After 27 minutes there should be about a five minute cool down to complete the workout. To increase the effectiveness, pedal backwards during a few hard intervals. This will add variety to the workout and also target other muscle groups that would otherwise be missed.

Hill Workouts

Using this type of workout will mimic the inclines and declines of uneven terrain. This routine typically works best when performed in 45 minute sessions. After a five minute warm up, begin the hills and continue on for another 35 minutes. When complete, make sure to spend another five minutes on a cool down. This will help muscles being to recover and start to bring the heart rate back to a normal level. This particular workout is great for anyone who is getting ready for a race that will include hills, or anyone who simply wants a different way to get their heart pumping.

Gradual Increase Workout

For a person who has extra time to spend on the elliptical, gradually increasing the incline and resistance is a great form of exercise. When doing this routine it is good to spend a solid 60 minutes to maximize results. This routine is usually entered in manually. Beginning with low intensity for five minutes and increasing to medium for another five minutes will be able to get anyone’s heart pumping. For the next five minutes switch to high intensity. Cool down for about two minutes and begin again. This workout can be enhanced by adding in squats in between sets. The different muscle groups used combined with the extended length of time can give anyone the exact effects they need from the elliptical.

With all the different adjustments that can be made, it is difficult to say exactly how long an elliptical workout should be. Much of it depends on the individual and their specific goals. For anyone just looking for a light workout, 30 minutes a day, for about five days out of the week is more than enough. For anyone who wants to get a little more out of their machine, there are plenty of other options. From burning fat to toning muscle, the elliptical machine can help meet anyone’s workout needs.

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