Are Ellipticals Bad For the Knees?

Are elliptical machines bad for the knees? In a simple short answer no. As a matter of fact using this particular machine is much less stressful on all major joints including your knees, ankles, back, and hips. The elliptical is a great alternative to jogging as it is a low impact machine. When you run or even walk around the block, you are applying pressure to your joints and thrusting them into the hard unforgiving pavement. This sends a shock throughout the body and it is your joints that take the brunt of the impact.

The elliptical machine should not cause any pain whatsoever as long as you are using the machine correctly. When using the machine it is imperative to maintain proper posture. Keep your shoulders back and your head center and don’t lean over the machine. If you feel that you are getting tired, rest and step off the machine until you are ready to continue. No matter if your machine has movable arms that will give you a full body workout or not, the point of the machine is to reduce the amount of pressure applied to all the major joints including the knees. After all, your knee is made up of ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and muscle and is the easiest thing to injure. Even everyday wear and tear on the knee can cause it to fail. That is why the elliptical is such a great tool to help get the exercise you need and improve the joint area.

The elliptical machine moves in a circle motion. Unlike many treadmills or even walking around the block where your feet leave the ground for a brief moment, the elliptical keeps your feet planted in one spot throughout the entire workout, no matter the direction you are going. The machine not only burns calories efficiently, it also helps to build muscles in your legs, calves and helps to improve your knees even if you have health issues with your knees. Many doctors recommend the elliptical for their patients who have had knee surgery as the machine helps to rebuild the ligament around the knees without over straining the area. Using the elliptical will also help realign the knee back to its proper location and make them stronger than ever before.

While those people who have had knee surgery, there will be some pain which is to be expected. However, many elliptical machines have a varying degree of resistance that will help you to improve your overall health while keeping your joints strong and reduce the damage caused to your joints and ligaments. Keeping a regular routine and working with the elliptical will over time will result in a faster recovery time than walking or other exercises.

So, should you use the elliptical? Absolutely, evidence through several different studies has proven that the elliptical machine will help burn calories faster and improve your posture and stability when you walk or everyday chores that keep you on your feet all day. The machine is fun and easy to use and has become one of the most popular workout tools for those who have weak knees and back or hip issues. Many gyms have several machines and it is always best to consult your health care professional before engaging in any new workout routine.

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