How Do Elliptical Machines Work?

Elliptical trainers are a new phenomenon in most gyms, unlike the traditional treadmills and exercise bikes, posing the question; how do elliptical machine work? The answer to this is simple; you achieve your fitness goals, depending on how much work you actually put into it. The elliptical machine could be your friend to getting the best cardiovascular health while also working out your core muscles in the long run.

Exploiting the Elliptical Machine

It is important to first know the main features of the machine as well as their functions. The machine has two non-slip pedals, which can move in both reverse and forward directions, when pedaled. The handle bars require users to hold them with a firm grip while pushing and pulling them back and forth when working out hence strengthening the biceps and shoulders. Moreover, the machine has an LCD display, that monitors the user’s workout time, heart rate, distance covered and calories lost at the end the session.

How the Elliptical Machines Works on the Body


As one paces on the machine, they breathe more heavily hence sweating and increased heart beats. Since the heart is a muscle, it requires some exercises as recommended by physicians. Exercising the heart results to a strong stamina as days go by.

Lower Body

The lower body comes in handy when walking or running and exercising it regularly increases the strength of quadriceps muscles, lateral hamstring and the rectus femoris.

Upper Body

Most elliptical machines come with long handle bars that push back and forth when exercising. It is advisable to hold them with a firm grip and as the workout gets more intense, you are likely to get a strong bicep and shoulder muscle. In addition, you get to work your spine during the pull and push intervals.


Low intensity workouts on the machine helps in cultivating strong and flexible joints. It is recommended for patients recovering from arthritis since it works on a range of motions that increase the mobility of the joints while reducing joint stiffness.

Love Handles

The abdomen is prone to get accumulation of fat and this can be prevented by regularly using this machine. The love handles rest on top of the oblique muscles, responsible for twisting and moving your torso side to side.

Mistakes to Avoid on the Elliptical Machine

  • Putting much too pressure on your feet till they go numb
  • Not personalizing your stats in order to give an accurate calorie read
  • Slouching
  • Not using the handle bars properly

Workout Plan

It is important that you know how to use the machine in order to get the most out of it. Start by having a warmup for about 10 minutes. It should be light, for example walking and then proceed to use the elliptical trainer. Use it for about half an hour. Finish your workout session by decreasing your intensity, resulting to a decrease in heart beat till the machine returns to a resting state. As days go by, try to increase your workout intensity.

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