Do Elliptical Machines Have Weight Limits?

A question that isn’t thought about many times when you are considering purchasing (or using) an elliptical machine is pretty simple. Do elliptical machines have weight limits? And if they do, how does this affect one’s weight loss goal?

An important aspect to consider about losing weight is that having the proper equipment will help with proper weight loss. If certain precautions aren’t met, then you can risk permanently damaging equipment and even losing money if you’ve paid for it to be in your home.

Features of an Elliptical Machine

Most workout or cardio equipment has specific motors. These motors can tolerate a certain weight limit given the fact that the user is providing the correct setup. For example, if a smaller machine has a smaller frame, it may have a smaller motor that’s designed to help those with less weight. With too much force, the motor could be broken.

On the other hand, if a heavier and more sturdy machine is built with a heavier and more durable frame, the motor is likely to withstand higher weights (even for a longer period of time). This can be helpful for users that are close to the weight limit.

Even if a machine is capable of supporting more weight than what is recommended, supporting the hundreds of pounds over and over will be too much abuse to the equipment. Having a machine that works in the right setting and provides a smooth and efficient workout with continue to work to your favor. Don’t overwork (or tempt) a piece of workout equipment without following the right safety measures.

Think About Equipment Weight Limit From a Manufacturer’s Standpoint

If a manufacturer designs a piece of equipment (in our case, an elliptical machine) and add a sticker that says “350 Pound Weight Limit”, it’s because of a particular reason. Maybe they were testing with actual people that over that limit and it caused damage to the machine.

Do You Own a Home Use or Commercial Use Elliptical Machine?

Some may think that just by purchasing a home use elliptical machine that it’s okay to use in a commercial setting. This is not true. If you have an elliptical machine designed for home use, it’s meant for only casual use — maybe once or twice a day. Machines that are created to be used commercially can withstand intense use throughout the day with high volume.

Important Notes to the Risky Users

Manufacturers set standards on their equipment and these are provided for a reason. If the weight limit is exceeded and permanent damage is caused by improper use, then they will not cover fixing the machine. The hopeful side is that once the weight loss regimen begins, hopefully the person will begin to lose more weight and be a better fit for certain machines.

If you aren’t able to use a machine because of a weight limit, you can start walking on a regular basis and eating more healthy to lose the weight and get below the threshold.

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