Does an Elliptical Machine Make Thighs Bigger?

Does an Elliptical Machine Make Thighs Bigger

One question that some people might ask hopefully and others might ask fearfully is this: does an elliptical machine make thighs bigger? Some people might be interested in increasing the size of their thighs in order to get a more muscular frame, particularly if they’re interested in their athletic performance. Other people are going to be worried about having bigger thighs for reasons of aesthetics. Then again, plenty of people specifically want bigger thighs for aesthetic reasons. It is interesting to note that people will often get different answers to this question depending upon the results that they want to see, or the results that they don’t want to see if they’re inclined to answer questions fearfully.

Elliptical Machines and Thighs

It should be noted that a person’s ability to put on muscle in the first place is partly genetic. It is popular to believe today that anyone can become very muscular and that having a muscular appearance is synonymous with being fit and healthy. This is not the case, and the majority of people could train for a lifetime and they would never develop bulky muscles. Men will usually find it easier to develop bulkier muscles than women, especially in the upper body, even though men and women can have similar results when it comes to strength tests. Female and male athletes with the same physical results can still often look very different, with women distributing their muscles differently.

Many women are not going to get bigger thighs as a result of using an elliptical machine, and most men will not have that issue either. Usually, people have to do strength training in order to increase the size of their muscles anywhere on their bodies. Elliptical machines are great for cardiovascular exercise, but they’re not the best types of exercise machines for strength training.

In some cases, people can get smaller thighs as a result of using an elliptical trainer because of overall bodily fat loss. They’ll lose fat in their thighs, among other places, making them smaller. However, fat loss is often temporary. Most people regain the weight that they’ve lost as a result of metabolic changes. It is also not possible to ‘spot reduce’ without liposuction, so people cannot just work out on elliptical trainers in order to remove fat specifically from their legs.

Elliptical trainers can tone a person’s leg muscles, arm muscles, and the muscles in their backsides. However, it usually won’t be substantial enough to lead to bulk, except in the case of people who are really genetically predisposed to put on lots of muscle. These people can often become muscular regardless of their lifestyles.

However, even then, the muscles that the elliptical trainer tones are going to be the back muscles of a person’s thighs. When thighs look thick, it is usually as a result of how they look from the frontal view and not the side view. Using an elliptical trainer is often not going to make a person’s thighs more close-set.

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