Is an Elliptical Machine Good for Osteoporosis?

Are you searching for the best exercise machine for osteoporosis? Osteoporosis, which means porous bone, is a disease that affects your bones. It happens when your body makes too little of bone or loses too much of it. That leads to your bones becoming weak or breaking. Keep in mind that in severe cases, it leads to your bones breaking out of minor bumps or sneezing. One exercise machine you should consider using is the elliptical machine.

The reason is that it’s a device that enables you to have low impact exercises. It lets you exercise by simulating walking, running and also hill climbing. The elliptical machine is also known as the X-trainer or cross-trainer. This post answers the frequent question, is elliptical machine good for osteoporosis?

5 Benefits of the Elliptical Machine for Osteoporosis

Weight Bearing Machine

  • One advantage of using the elliptical machine is that it enables you to enjoy weight bearing exercises. That’s because you enjoy your workouts against gravity.
  • Your ankles, knees and hip movements go along with the actions of the elliptical machine. These weight-bearing exercises allow you to strengthen your bones without breaking them or feeling pain.

Continuous and Smooth Pedaling

  • Elliptical machines enable you to simulate constant and smooth pedaling. That lets you enjoy your workouts while preventing any jarring.
  • It also saves your bones, joints and muscles from wear.

Arm Handles

  • The best elliptical machines come with arm handles. They allow you to exercise the upper parts of your body.
  • Keep in mind that this condition affects all bones that form part of your body. It’s, therefore, ideal as it enables you to enjoy full body workouts.

Cardiovascular Workouts

  • Using an elliptical machine also provides you with an opportunity to enjoy cardiovascular workouts.
  • These exercises enable you to engage your body muscles. The best workouts should last 20-30 minutes every day. That allows your bones to have rest, making you stay energized.

Improves Balance and Mobility

  • An elliptical machine also helps you to improve balance and mobility. That’s by strengthening your bones, which in turn enables you to regain the motion of your hips.

What to Keep In Mind

  • When using elliptical machines, you should also remember that they way you exercise will depend on several factors. They include muscle strength, fracture risk, fitness levels, balance, gait and also physical activity levels.
  • It means the best way is to consult your doctor or physician first. They need to find out your blood pressure levels, risks of heart diseases and also obesity signs.
  • Bear in mind that these exercise activities are meant to keep you upright. That’s because your bones react to the weight on them by getting stronger. That’s as a result of gradually building them.
  • Make sure you avoid high impact exercises. That’s because the aim of using the elliptical machine is to make weak bones stronger. High impact exercises will do the opposite. That’s breaking your bones.
  • Elliptical machines also come with long-term warranties. They typically average 20 years. They are also available at prices that range from budget friendly to expensive. That means to find the best ones; you need to read their online reviews.
  • Consider going for a bone density test if you are over 50 years. The reason is that the osteoporosis condition gets likely to happen as you age.

Final Thoughts

Dealing with the osteoporosis disease using an elliptical machine should be easier using the above guide. Consider having low impact workouts and consult your doctor first. That prevents instances of accidents or health risks.

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