Do Ellipticals Tone Arms?

Elliptical machines seek to exercise the lower body mostly but some of the machines will also work your arms and even your core muscles. An elliptical trainer features foot pedals with the ability to move back and forth in an oval motion. The added advantage is that these pedals are adjustable so you can experience different levels of challenges by widening them or placing them at a recline position. The models that work your arms feature upright poles that move back and forth in an effort to provide a full body workout and work your arms at the same time.

Mechanics of Elliptical Training

Using the proper form once you are on your machine is very important. Choosing your form is important in ensuring that you eliminate the risk of causing yourself injuries as well as reduces the risk of developing a muscle imbalance. To ensure you are doing it right, pace your foot on the pedals flat while grasping the poles ensuring they are about the height of your chest. Once you are in position, there are strategies you are required to incorporate to ensure you work out your arms efficiently.

How to tone the arms with an elliptical

With this machine, there are several objectives and workout routines you can achieve including burning of calories and toning your legs. The results are based on your machine’s resistance level and your exercise intensity. When looking to work your arms, you are looking to shave some fat from your arms. This will be from cardiovascular exercise and perform resistance training so you are able to target the muscles in your arms. In this, it is important that the elliptical machine you are using to workout have movable handgrips. Those machines that do not have this feature will not meet the objective of working your arms.

Step 1

Get started by warming up for 10 minutes. You can do this by walking or jogging. Also, perform some stretches to ease your muscles by increasing motion.

Step 2

On a weekly basis, perform about 150 minutes mild to vigorous intensity cardiovascular routine workouts. For best results, it is recommended that you set the resistance to low or zero while placing your focus on speed in an effort to work out a sweat. Using your arms, hold the movable arms and push them in and out ensuring that you are synchronizing the movement with your legs.

Step 3

Introduce resistance training to your routine in which you will increase the frequency over time to prevent straining or injuring your arms. The intervals allow your muscles to recuperate. When working with resistance training, keep working out for about 25 minutes. Keep increasing the resistance until it gets to the point where it becomes a challenge. However, it is important that you do not overdo it. Ensure that you use just your arms to power the machine while your feet remain stationary on the pedals. In the event that your arms feel some strain, you can support the activity by pedaling for a few minutes.

It is therefore, evident that you can work your arms with elliptical machines. All you have to do is invest in the right elliptical machine with the movable arms.

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