Do Elliptical Machines Workout Your Core?

Do elliptical machines work your core? As a matter of fact, they do with the right workout routine you can begin to look your best and strengthen your core. After all, your core consists of the rectus admoninus, the internal and external oblique’s, the transverse abdominus and the erector spinea. All these muscle groups help provide day to day activity from bending over to twisting, moving and helps with good posture. The core is where all your weight is centered and is the main reason so many people look to when determining how much weight needs to be lost. After all, who doesn’t want that washboard stomach? But getting that 6 pack isn’t about focusing all your energy on that one particular area. Instead, it is about losing the body fat that covers that area.

The elliptical burns the calories needed to lose the fat through cardio exercise and not by targeting the stomach region. However, there are some workouts that you can do while on the elliptical that will help you to get your desired results and look and feel your very best.

When using the elliptical to work your core, you need to remain aware of the core and what you are doing. Keep your posture straight and don’t slouch while working out. When you slouch, your glutes and ab muscles don’t get the maximum benefit of the exercise. Don’t forget to pull your stomach in and keep it tight. Relax every so often and tighten it again. Continuously contract and release when working out will give your core then workout it needs to build the muscles under the layer of fat. When using the machine, you don’t want to become dependent on the handle bars. Let go and try to remain constant with your speed. When you let go, you are forcing your core to keep you balanced and using more of the muscles in your stomach to keep you up and moving just as you would when walking down the street. It is also important not to get comfortable with one particular workout routine. Adjust the machine’s settings and do various routines to force your body to adjust to the different challenges.

The elliptical machine is a great overall workout experience whether you are targeting your legs or your core. Like all workouts, though, start small and maintain a steady pace. Just like jogging or cycling, don’t over exert yourself thinking you can do a mile run or a ten-mile bike ride when you just start. Build up to that mile slowly by concentrating on the muscles you want to work out and improve over time. Many elliptical machines have different routines to choice from and can add the strength training you need to your cardio workout. That is why the elliptical is the best low impact training machine you can use for overall health improvement.

Remember, though, when working out you can’t target the fat in one area. Your body will adjust and burn the fat from several areas before you will see any results. The trick is to stay constant with your routine and try to workout at least 30 minutes every day by alternating strength training and cardio. If you keep it up, you will see results. Losing weight isn’t something that can be done in a short amount of time, it is something that takes dedication and time. With the elliptical, however, you will get the full body workout you need to look and feel your best.

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