Can an Elliptical Help You Lose Weight?

Did you know six out of every ten people in the United States are struggling to lose weight? Weight loss is no doubt a major concern for many individuals in the world. Victims have resulted in many weight loss plans as they hope to shed off some of the undesired pounds. From dieting to skipping the rope to hitting the gym and every other form of exercise that hits their mind. The primary concern has however arisen in the use of elliptical machines in the weight loss process. Whether or not the machine can help one lose weight remains a debate. However, to shed light on the issue, the machine is quite capable on the weight loss plan. All the users need is to heed to several things as listed below.

The Motivation Factor

Just like any other weight loss program, self-motivation plays a significant role in the success of the plan. In the beginning, start out lightly with at most 20 minutes workout. As you get accustomed to the practice, you can increase the duration as well as making the exercise intense. For the best results, use the elliptical machine alongside the treadmill. In doing so, you manage to keep track of your heart rate, calorie burnout and distance covered. By so doing, you can remain motivated and focused on your weight loss goal.

Quality Determines the Outcome

The modern market has plenty of fake products, and it gets tricky detecting that genuine product. If you decide to buy an elliptic machine, be sure to check on its functionality before making the payment. Not sure of what to look out for?

Ensure there is enough space to move your legs and the foot pedals make a proper fitting to your feet. Although extra features such as magazine racks, MP3 players, and cup holders help to keep you entertained, they do not contribute to the workout success.

Losing That Weight

Weight loss occurs when one consumes lesser calories than those that the body burns on a daily basis. By using an elliptical machine, your body burns more calories in the attempt to fuel the body muscles. The machine works out perfect when combined with other forms of exercises such as strength training and cutting out on junk food. In addition to burning calories, the exercise helps in building the lean muscle tissue, and this increases the body’s utilization of calories when at rest.

The Calories Theory

During an elliptic workout, the calories lost depend on the exercise intensity, a person’s weight as well as the flexibility of the limbs. However, according to a 30 minutes workout can burn approximately 270 calories for a person weighing 125lbs, 335 calories to those weighing 155bs and 400 calories to a person weighing 185lbs. The theory can translate to a weight loss of 1 to 2lbs every week if the workout is done for 30 minutes daily.

Bottom Line

As seen above, an elliptic machine can help you lose that annoying weight. However, a lot needs to be put into consideration if the program is to make any significant progress. The proper use of the machine and your motivation are the main determinants of how much weight you can shed. In a nutshell, the elliptic trainer is a perfect companion in your fitness journey. Just heed to the above tips and be sure to make a testimony soon.

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