Are Ellipticals Good Cardio?

The big question of the day is, are ellipticals good for cardio? From among all of the various types of cardio machines that are out there on the market today, it seems that people tend to ignore elliptical machines. This is because people possess the tendency of thinking that using an elliptical machine must be boring and that they are ineffective to give someone a good cardio workout.

However, the truth of the mater is that there are many benefits to using an elliptical machine for cardio workouts that are backed by scientific investigations. Take into consideration the fact that elliptical machines are able to raise your heart rate even more than a treadmill is able to do. And the elliptical machine is able to improve your overall fitness just as effectively as a treadmill or stairmaster can.

What is important for you to know is that there really is a right way and wrong way to go about using an elliptical machine. When you implement the right form and a good plan for your workout, you can achieve a wonderful cardio workout by using a good quality elliptical machine.

Plus, elliptical machines are much more economical in terms of electric consumption.

1. You have to have a plan before you start using the machine.

Prior to ever stepping onto an elliptical machine, you must determine the intention of your proposed workout. You must focus on what you desire to achieve during the workout. You will then need to monitor your perception of your level of exertion. Zero means that you feel like you are just walking leisurely while ten means that you are all out of breath. This monitoring is so that you are not just doing a workout to say you got it in. If you do not sense like you are working your body much, the truth is that you probably are not doing so.

People seem to imagine that they can just hop onto the elliptical machine and that if they move, that will be effective enough for them. But that is not true. The real case is that you must have a workout plan in place.

2. Do not slouch when you are on the elliptical machine.

It can be tempting for those using an elliptical machine to start to grab onto the handrails of the machine and to lean forward while their legs end up doing all the work. However, slouching is not really doing you any favor in relation to your cardio workout that you are trying to do on the elliptical machine. Slouching only makes your workout feel somewhat easier. It is best to stay in an upright position with your core being firm, avoiding any hunching over. Poor form is not efficient and it can even become the cause of lower back pain and muscular imbalances.

3. Do incorporate the usage of the handles to get a full body workout that is great for cardio.

The elliptical machine disperses power between the upper and lower body. To have the most successful and effective workout, do be sure to be actively pushing and pulling on the levers while still being able to maintain straight posture. Be sure that you keep your shoulders pulled back and the abs engaged in the workout.

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