Are Elliptical Machines Bad for Your Back?

One of the best ways of staying fit and healthy is to workout. However it is not possible for everyone pay expensive gym bills and thus buying an affordable elliptical trainer is the best thing one can do. The average calories burned on elliptical machine is more than any other fitness machines. There are various benefits of using elliptical trainer and here are the most important features.

However, if you are asking are elliptical machines bad for your back, the answer depends on what type of spine injury you might have. Many find that elliptical machines help develop the cardiorespiratory system and burn calories. However, a few have reported that these machines actually increase back pain, and its use is not suitable for people who experience such symptoms. It is always a good idea to visit a doctor first before you start using one of these. In general though, elliptical machines are safe for everyone as long as they don’t overdo it.

So, how do you know if elliptical machines are bad for your back?

The odds are that elliptical machines will not be bad for your back. For one, it helps decrease the impact stress. Your feet never leaves the pedals when you’re working out on an elliptical and you can do everything from jogging to walking. All of this without your feet having to touch the ground, which can transfer the load to the ankles or knees, and your back. So, you’ve a non impact activity that puts no pressure on your back while you can work out easily.

Here are some other ways how elliptical machines can help your back.

1. Workout Programs

You will find a number of preloaded programs in your machine. Your body will need a maximum of 5 to 6 exercises to keep in shape and stay fit. So, you can either choose many programs that would not bore you or just stick to only those that help you.

2. Monitoring

This is a very important feature that you must consider. You can keep a track of your daily progress.

3. Stability

The machines are stable and can easily carry your weight. Generally an elliptical machine would hold up 250 pounds of weight.

4. Stride Length

This is important for everyone who is tall or short. You can adjust the stride length to the maximum you can stretch to get better results. Take the help of the manuals.

5. Storing

Elliptical machines are big. However, you can also buy a foldable one to keep it conveniently when not working out.

When can Elliptical machines cause back pain?

Ellipticals are a great way to exercise if you’ve back problems, but not if you’ve herniated disc. This is because elliptical machines help increase the spinal flexion, putting pressure on the herniated disc, which can further increase the pain. It can even increase the risk of disc degeneration.

If you’re suffering from osteoporosis, and have a lack of bone density around the pelvis or spine, it is a good idea to try out other cardio exercises as they will be much more effective.

In most other cases, it is safe to use an elliptical and can help deal with back pain.

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